About Me

How Am I Different?

I provide your very own Safe Money Financial Plan as my way of helping you find a solution that makes sense to your very own specific needs. I design a financial plan using safe money principles and practices to meet your ever-changing financial & insurance needs, and review the plan with you throughout the year to ensure you and your family are protected from life’s changes. There may be events in your life, such as a change in marital status, the birth of a child or the purchase of a home, that could affect your financial needs, and can affect your exposure to potential dangers, gaps or liabilities in your financial plan.

Our annual review is your chance to visit with me personally to review your current safe money financial plan. I help you identify any potential gaps or problems in your safe money financial plan and make changes to ensure your financial protection.

As your life changes, so should your safe money financial plan. That is why we meet at least once a year, to make sure your safe money financial plan still does what you want it to do. If you’re like most people today, you live a busy, active life. As time goes by and your circumstances change, you are often too busy to think of your financial future. I make sure you stay abreast of your financial needs every year by meeting with you to review any changes in your life and help you to make sure you’re protected despite any changes in your situation.

We meet at least once per year to make sure your safe money financial plan is up-to-date. Our annual meeting is an opportunity to take advantage of the most recent changes in the financial world. Just as you change and grow, so does my practice. I am constantly working to improve your safe money financial plan with new ideas, products and protection to give you the best possible safe money financial plan. When we meet, I will examine your present financial plan with you so that you can to make sure your financial plan is working the right way to ensure your financial future.


Why Choose Me as your Safe Money Guide?

My practice is about people. And in an age of impersonal business transactions and always shifting loyalties, I am proud of my commitment to personal service: a commitment I’ve honored for more than 9 years.

As your Safe Money Guide, I have undergone a rigorous financial & business training program. As an independent insurance agent and broker I put my professional experience to work for you. I help to make sure that you receive the coverage you want, and that it is suited to your needs. And I stay on top of your needs and your policies with you annually when I perform your annual financial review just for you.